Junior Software Developer – Full stack

Position: Junior Software Developer – Full Stack jobs@streamguys.com        San Luis Obispo, CA

Job Summary

The Junior Software Developer will be responsible for assisting in the maintenance of existing software products and the design, development, and testing of new software products for the company in coordination with the Development team. The Junior Software Developer will build responsive web front-ends for applications with a mixture of client-side/server-side functionality. Applications span a wide range of services in the Internet Radio industry, including archival, creation, manipulation, and monitoring of both live and on-demand multimedia for hobbyist and enterprise media clients alike.

Duties and Expectations:

  • Maintain and improve performance of existing applications
  • Design and implementation of server-side scripts and processes to handle new functionality of applications
  • Writing technical documentation of features
  • Adhere to project tracker usage to document progress and issue creation
  • Assist frontline technicians in troubleshooting products supported by the Development Department

Knowledge, Skills, and Requirements for Junior Software Developer:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science required or similar life experience
  • Experience with PHP, Node.js, HTML5, Javascript, and CSS
  • Familiarity with frameworks and MVC architectures; Experience with Laravel preferred.
  • Comfortable navigating the Linux command-line.
  • Managing web server applications like Apache or NGINX.
  • Knowledge of code versioning best practices and usage of repository management applications like git.
  • Strong reading comprehension and communication skills
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Time management and ability to work unsupervised on individual tasks
  • Demonstrated ability to strictly follow code policies and procedures
  • (Optional) Familiarity with live streaming media servers

What’s new in TechBrew?

Like a TED talk with Beer!  TechBrew has been a Softec staple for over ten years.  With two locations you are sure to find a TechBrew that matches your schedule and is conveniently located.

SMV TechBrew Reboot

The Santa Maria TechBrew was recently rebooted with a new day and location.  Occurring on the 4th Monday of each month, you can find us conveniently located right off of Betteravia, in Santa Maria at Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company in the attached Me-N-Ed’s restaurant area.


SLO TechBrew – 2nd Monday of each month at 5PM – SLO Grillhouse

SMV TechBrew – 4th Monday of each month at 5PM – Figueroa Mtn

Reese Galido at our June 2018 Women in Tech Breakfast

Reese Galido was our special guest at this month’s WIT breakfast.

For the last 9 years of her 14 year career in Software, Reese Galido has worked at Mindflash Technologies based up in Palo Alto, CA as their Head of User Experience and Market Research. Prior to this, she started her journey in the Software-as-a-Service sector as a Lead Analyst for Citrix Online, a fortune 500 company, in their Customer Insights group.
Leveraging her experience in Data Management, Market Research, and Software Development, Reese helps direct Mindflash to data driven decision making during the Product Roadmap planning process and rapid prototyping of new ideas. She interfaces with the customer, Executive Staff, and developers to create a more complete picture of the future of the Mindflash learning management platform.
Reese moved to SLO in 1999 years ago to attend Cal Poly on a tennis scholarship, and captained her team to a Big West Championship in 2003 before graduating in 2004. During her free time, Reese is a freelance graphic designer, recording engineer, and musician.


Hear Reese’s insights on UX, design, diversity, and hacking video games by clicking the link below:

Note: Thanks for your patience with our audio quality. We’re grassroots and meeting in a coffee shop, so some noise slips through—but we feel the information is just to important not to post.

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Melody Klemin at our May 2018 Women in Tech Breakfast

We had a great time getting to know Melody Klemin at this month’s WIT breakfast.

Melody Klemin is a digital fundraiser at Cal Poly, overseeing online giving, crowdfunding and Cal Poly’s annual Day of Giving. A singer/songwriter who performs at wineries and weddings, Melody loves playing music, especially on the rare and spectacular occasion she gets to play in a local, all-women 80’s cover band called The Betrothed. In addition to helping form a SLO Chapter of Lesbians Who Tech, she also runs a local queer wedding blog, Central Coast Gay Weddings, and is starting a podcast called Queer SLO where she plans to interview local LGBTQ business and community leaders around SLO County.

Melody shared her insights on digital fundraising, the LGBTQ community in SLO,  and the need for mentorship in many different areas and methods. Catch up on anything you missed, or relive the action by listening to her insight interview below: 

Note: Thanks for your patience with our audio quality. We’re grassroots and meeting in a coffee shop, so some noise slips through—but we feel the information is just to important not to post.

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Julie Workman at our April 2018 Women in Tech Breakfast

We had a great time getting to know Julie Workman at this month’s WIT breakfast.

Julie is a lecturer at Cal Poly in the department of Computer Science, and the co-advisor for the Women Involved in Software and Hardware (WISH) Club.  She is passionate about teaching in general, but especially about recruiting and retaining women in computing!  She has supported growth in the number of women (9% to over 30% in the last decade), due in large part to the tremendous effort of the women of WISH and of the other dedicated faculty in the CSSE and CPE departments that she is so proud to be a part of.

Julie has a masters degree in computer science from Cal Poly and have lived in the San Luis Obispo area since 1992.  Her consulting work includes writing GPS software for Trimble Navigation, writing software for experimental robots with iRobot, and working as an intellectual property consultant.  She co-founded the SLO-OP climbing gym with Paul Hatalsky and Yishai Horowitz.  Her other passions include riding motorcycles and hiking around this beautiful area we live in!

Julie shared her insights on women and the need for mentorship, consulting, as well as her passion for climbing. Catch up on anything you missed, or relive the action by listening to her insight interview below: 

Note: Thanks for your patience with our audio quality. We’re grassroots and meeting in a coffee shop, so some noise slips through—but we feel the information is just to important not to post.

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Intellectual Property Rights from Tom Lebens

Tom Lebens is our resident legal expert when it comes to tech and the business world. Recently he provided us with a much needed update on Intellectual Property Rights for any current or aspiring business owner.

Intellectual property is the core source of value and competitive advantage for many businesses as we navigate our knowledge economy. Much has changed in, for example, the patent law since Tom last spoke with SOFTEC, both in the legal landscape, with the adoption of the American Invents Act and the first to file patent system, the creation of the provisional patent application, changes in how software patents are viewed by the courts, and changes in enforcement options for small and medium-sized businesses.

At the same time intellectual property remains the constraint that drives creativity in many instances. At the same time, the process and cost of preparing intellectual property documents are changing with the introduction of new technologies that assist (and sometimes replace) attorneys, agents, and technical writers. Tom will share how these technologies are being deployed in his office and his thoughts as to what this means for the future.

Tom is a veteran presenter at TechBrew, and also has a long history of participating with Softec.

His slidedeck for his presentation can be found here:
What is Intellectual Property — Small Business IP Strategy 2017-11-13

Startup Weekend 2017

Thank You to CPE for

Running a GREAT Event!!

This was my 7th Startup Weekend and since I have written about the entire process in prior years, this year I want to focus on how the event is evolving over time. Internationally 12% of the teams at a Startup Weekend will go on beyond the event in the business formation process. I can tell you without question that the Cal Poly event run by the Cal Poly Entrepreneur Club is way past that average. Our community has an advantage of a ecosystem that helps the ideas move through to the business community.  The services from Judy Mahan’s organizations, at the SLO Hot House (business incubator), are perfect for helping Startup Weekend Groups launch their business.

Great Progress

One thing that is really encouraging is the evolution of the gender mix. The percentage of women giving pitches and participating in teams have grown noticeably over the years. It was cool to look at the line of people waiting to pitch and seeing an equal split between men and women. The technology industry needs a smart, motivated, and diverse labor pool.  Based on this event we are moving in the right direction.

The concepts have gotten much better over the years. The winners of this year’s competition were all serious ideas that hold the potential to be startups in our community. In the earliest events there were some concepts that were fun for the weekend but not really serious. There were still a few that will never see the light of day but like any creative process you must allow for this type of fall out. We will not know for a few months how many go forward but I would wager that it will be way more than 12%!

The Business Community Should be MORE Engaged

People ask me why I participate in these events and its because it creates competitive advantage for me. For $65 I get to talk with smart people for 54 hours as we explore business topics of interest to me. I get to hear smart ideas from brilliant minds and meet people that are self-motivated to solve those challenges. I get outside, independent, creative ideas and they feed me! It does take time but as I told my wife I have to be somewhere, and this is more fun than most of the alternatives.  I am shocked that business participation is so low. Out of the 100+ involved in the event I was one of three that were over 30. Since the average age of a successful entrepreneur that launches a high growth business is 39 you have to wonder why this event was not full of experienced business people. All this happens for $1.20 an hour – WHAT A DEAL!!! Here is what Time Magazine says about this:

Start-ups in some industries, such as biotech and business software, gain an edge from the experience that comes with a founder’s age. According to research by Vivek Wadhwa, an academic and tech entrepreneur, and the Kauffman Foundation, the average age of successful start-up founders in these and other high-growth industries was 40. And high-growth start-ups are almost twice as likely to be launched by people over 55 as by people 20 to 34.

Source: http://business.time.com/2013/03/14/ask-the-expert-the-best-age-for-a-start-up-founder/

CPE Organizers Help Startups

Stepping On Out!!

A Word about Cal Poly

I am a big fan of the CPE and CIE at Cal Poly. Their support hosting this event is a huge contribution to the local business community. What our business community must realize is that this is not just for University students. Startup Weekend is open to anyone in the community that has the entrepreneurial spirit, an idea to change the world, and the drive to make it happen.  Learn more about the great people in CPE Leadership https://cpentrepreneurs.com/officer-bios/

See You Next Year!

About the Author:

Bob Dumouchel | Senior Data Scientist bob@smsrd.com

  Systems & Marketing Solutions Inc. www.smsdesignlab.com

Digital Sales Agency

Softec Past President – Board Member for over 20 years

Amanda Radakovich at October’s Women in Tech Breakfast

We had a great time getting to know Amanda Radakovich at this month’s WIT breakfast.

Amanda Radakovich is the Director of Customer Success at Dozuki, a software company based in San Luis Obispo that caters to manufacturers around the globe. As a part of a small leadership team within the company, Amanda has been responsible for building the customer success programs and scaling the support team as the company continues to grow. 

Amanda shared her insights on the software as a service (SAS) world—from communicating technical problems to determining how to best serve different client bases. She shared her story and her love of horses. Catch up on anything you missed, or relive the action by listening to her insight interview below: 

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Lorelei Sibet at September’s WIT Breakfast

First off—a quick apology for the lack of previous post from our summer WIT Breakfasts—we had some truly inspirational speakers. While we haven’t been able to keep up posting here, you can relive the adventure by heading over to our Facebook page. There you will find recaps from our wonderful guest speakers: Shannon Pileggi from Cal Poly’s Statistics Department, Jen Rushing from Central Coast New Tech High, and Erica Thatcher from SLO Library.

We’re back in the swing of things here, and should be posting all the rest of our recaps here on the blog. Which brings me to this month’s WIT breakfast recap!

We had a great time getting to know Lorelei Sibet at this month’s WIT breakfast.

Lorelei Sibet has more than 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and business owner. In addition to her agency, One Siren Productions, Lorelei is involved in several businesses, products, and community interests.

One of those businesses is SLO MakerSpace — a 24/7 community tool and craft shop. In the last year she’s expanded Ceramics, Woodturning, Summer Camp, Blacksmithing, Leathercrafting, and the MiniMakers Specialty Program in partnership with Inspire Charter Schools. MiniMakers has 50 homeschool children attending SLO MakerSpace 10-hours a week during the school year for a state curriculum driven and immersive project-based learning specialty program. Lorelei is now focused on expanding SLO MakerSpace’s resources and support for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Lorelei also runs the SLO County Women Entrepreneurs Meetup Group and  Facebook Group for women entrepreneurs and business owners meet, network, share resources, and promote to the community to help grow their businesses. 

After 24 years in the Washington, DC area, two years ago Lorelei moved to San Luis Obispo with her husband and business partner, Dharmesh Patel, to specifically support SLO MakerSpace and grow their other new businesses and products.

Hear all the action and follow along at home by checking out link below for Lorelei’s insights on being starting a new venture, supporting women entrepreneurs, what it means to be a maker, pie factories, and all the delicious details of the SLO MakerSpace: 

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