07/27/16 – Technology in Health and Fitness Expo

Event: Gymnazo Hosts Softec Technology in Health and Fitness Expo
Date & Time: July 27, 2015 – 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm13599823_10210335381409161_1947717350531056770_n

Amongst all the exciting technology we have here on the Central Coast, some of it goes way beyond the office and lab! Please join us as Softec partners with the fitness gurus at Gymnazo to introduce the Central Coast to fitness technology and expertise usually reserved for world class athletes.

This booth style event will have instructors and experts to teach us about:

  • MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring & Club Display – Heart rate monitoring is not new, but it is becoming a staple of elite gyms worldwide. By displaying each athlete’s live heart rate, % of max heart rate, calories burned and a specific effort points, each athlete can track their workouts with 99% accuracy. Gymnazo coaches will demonstrate how this technology works, how the system automatically adjusts for each unique athlete and how the results are tracked.
  • 3D for Medical Muscular Skeletal App – Have you ever been injured or had a nagging pain you can’t seem to figure out? One of the best educational tools Gymnazo uses provides a computer generated skeleton and each layer of muscle tissue connected to the skeleton. By using this in live demonstrations, Gymnazo owner and trainer Michael Hughes can walk athletes through understanding what is hurting, why it is hurt and help them come up with solutions to solve not just the pain but the root issue.
  • Vibrating Technology – At Gymnazo they use the Vibe Plate (a large plate you can stand on) and Hyperice vibrating foam rollers to help condition muscle tissue of athletes for both rehabilitation and performance. This technology can be applied locally or globally to the athlete and are effective for myofascial release of the muscle tissue. Fun fact: before a big race, race horses will stand on Vibrating plates to help stimulate their muscles to help them perform better.
  • Axis Chiropractic – Local Doctors of Chiropractic Ashley and Stephen Gorshack take a foundational approach to spinal health in the interests of long term repair. Their unique approach uses infrared technology to diagnose issues undetectable by other technology or physical assessment.
  • Athos Smart Apparel System – Imagine putting on compression shorts and shirt that had EMG sensors built into the material, that could turn your clothing into the best muscle effort monitoring system. Athletes can watch their muscle effort throughout their workout and be able to easily see imbalances and other performance limiting data to help them improve. The Live View app displays insights that show athletes which muscles are firing and how much the athlete is exerting himself. These insights allow you to track progress and set benchmarks, helping you get the most out of your training. Gymnazo coaches will demonstrate how this technology works and how it can be utilized.

Parking and Location:
720 Aerovista Park Suite C
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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