6/12/17 SLO TechBrew – Hardware on a Shoestring Budget

What does it take to develop electronics hardware? Is it viable to produce something that you know has a limited market? Can you do it by yourself, or with a very small team, or with an almost nonexistent budget? Yes you can! It’s not easy, but there are many more tools at our disposal now than there ever have been for rapidly developing an electronics product. You can go from a proof-of-concept model to a small production run in a year, with a very small budget, just yourself if you have the right skillset. What was once only possible for large companies with hefty R&D budgets is now possible for makers, startups, and small businesses.

Carrie will walk us through the development process, outlining different phases and resources available, using one of her own products as an example. Starting with that first proof-of-concept model, then developing a strong beta group that advocates for your product, to finally building a first production batch of 100-1000 units. If you’ve been thinking about developing your own product, starting your own company that manufactures a product, or if it’s just been a while since your company has developed something new, you won’t want to miss this talk!

Carrie Sundra has almost 20 years experience in building electronics for custom applications. She worked on small UAVs in the early 2000s, well before “drones” were a subject of common knowledge and anyone could buy one on Amazon. She specializes in the development and small-scale production of niche products, most of which are on the border of consumer & industrial use, and uses as much American manufacturing as possible. She has developed her own niche tools for cottage-industry yarn dyers, raised $70k on Kickstarter for one of them called the SkeinMinder, and delivered the units on-time. She continues to develop yarn industry tools, and also performs consulting work for local companies that build UAVs, agricultural sensors, and marine power tools.

Hope to see you there!

Date & Time: 6/12/2017– 5pm – 7:00pm
Location: Grill House, 851 Higuera St. SLO

TechBrew, its like a TEDtalk with Beer!

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Tech Brew is a premier Softec Event lead by Dan Freer from Edward Jones. This is Free networking of the humankind at its best.