Designer’s Roundtable

The Designer’s Roundtable was created to serve independent or solo designers that are looking to take their skills to the artistic/next level. The most advanced professional designer skills come from peer interactions more than any other source. That is the basic concept behind the Designer’s Roundtable. A solo designer is a designer in a business that has no design peers to learn from.

The Designer’s Roundtable is a group of 10-12 members (Designers Only) that have advanced skills that wish to share and learn from their peers. In large agencies this happens as a result of multiple designers on staff but for solo/independent designers this is a challenge. Learning at this level requires a trust relationship with the other designers and that only comes from an advanced professional relationship – the true goal of a roundtable.

We are currently surveying our members for interest in this program. If you are interested in joining a group please complete the survey below.

Designer’s Roundtable Survey


Central Coast Design Group

The Central Coast Design Group is made up of local Creative Design Professionals, Enthusiasts and Hobbyists that meet once a month to discuss current industry trends, best practices and any other design related topics. If you are interested in joining, please contact Dana via email at