Norcast Telecom Networks


Norcast Telecom Networks is the Premier Local Data and Telecom provider for the Central Coast. We are committed to delivering excellence and can customize any solution for all Business Phone and Internet needs. Our clients benefit from ONE company caring for all aspects of their voice, data, equipment and service.

Real Local:

Norcast Telecom is your neighbor. Not only do we outfit businesses from Lompoc to Paso Robles, we live here. Our office, equipment and team reside in San Luis Obispo – centrally located to answer any question promptly.

Real Experience:

We work hard to find the best solution for all locations, whether it is in downtown or rural with many choices in bandwidth, voice services and systems. We actively pursue the latest technologies to keep Central Coast companies at the forefront of connectivity to the world.

Real Support:

We specialize in providing unprecedented support by focusing on a live person to answer all calls and technicians that are in the area. With some of the highest quality manufacturers in the world (Panasonic, Cisco & Alcatel Lucent), Norcast can consult, program, install, and provide maintenance for maximum efficiency. or 805.548.8000