Peak WiFi

Peak WiFi™ is a wireless internet service provider currently serving the Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, and San Luis Obispo areas. Our patent-pending solar-powered internet repeaters are placed on local peaks and utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide a fully-routed network built for speed and reliability.

Peak WiFi™ was started to provide high speed wireless internet service for homes in this area that are currently limited to slow DSL or satellite internet providers, since today’s users want full-streaming TV and video in HD, free from excessive buffering and data caps. We provide a direct net-neutral connection to the fiber optic backbone that runs down the California coastline.

Upon returning to the Central Coast after a long career with IBM, my decision about which house to purchase was greatly influenced by which homes had solid internet access and which did not. Not only because I wanted basic service for emailing and surfing the internet, but also because I continue to work from home in the computer programming industry. Seeing the limited options for internet service helped fuel my desire to start Peak WiFi™.

We welcome the opportunity to provide your home or business with high speed internet coupled with responsive customer support. If you own a peak in our area, please contact us to discuss hosting a repeater and becoming a part of the Peak WiFi™ family!

Thomas Kosta
President and local resident