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AdWords is the center of our universe and we do it better than anyone else. We have actively managed Google Adwords Accounts since July 7, 2003, making us one of the oldest Adwords Agencies in the USA. SMS is a Google Qualified Company which is the highest level of certification in the Adwords Profession. We assist our clients by leveraging the Google Adwords System to advance their marketing goals.

A Proven Strategy
Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new account or you need help with an existing one, we can help you! SMS follows a proven strategy that improves the business performance of your investment in Google Adwords. We know Adwords down to the finest detail, but we communicate in management terms. We get to understand your business and we are the Adwords Expert on your marketing team.

 An Experienced Team
If you need an experienced team with the ability to drive highly qualified traffic to your web site that also works well with the other parts of your marketing team, then call us. You will find us affordable, effective, smart, and fast. SMS is not a large business so you get personal attention to your business needs. There is no sales staff that hands off the account to a production staff. The experts you talk to are the same ones that will be providing service to your business in the long term.

As marketing technologists, we embrace the latest technology but we believe that over automation can be hazardous to your marketing. An experienced Google Adwords Professional with knowledge of your business can apply judgment that is light-years beyond any technology. Marketing is about communicating with people and technology is merely a tool in our process.

 The Right Connections
Getting the job done often comes down to knowing the right people. We have been around since the early days of Adwords and we have actively pursued the right connections. While the typical Adwords Advertiser has to wait in line to get an email response from someone who knows nothing about your business. We can pick up the phone and talk to our assigned team at Google and get quick and accurate answers to the more complex challenges.

 An Affordable Solution for Any Size Business