First Pitches are In-Play

Time to make yours?

Tech Pitches are ideas, projects, or emerging businesses looking for partnerships, co-founders, or people who want to explore the idea and build the business. Softec does NOT do any due diligence on these pitches. Our goal is to connect like-minded people in our community in the hopes of setting the stage for a Softec Moment. Members are advised to conduct their due diligence before investing time or treasure into these pitches.

If you have a great idea for this page, please attend a Tech Pitch Event and let us hear your world-changing idea. Alternatively, you can submit a pitch per the Tech Pitch Event Page instructions. Tech Pitch is a recurring monthly event hosted by Softec on the third Wednesday at noon in a Zoom meeting.

Quantum EC’s TotalView Energy Platform™

Quantifies the full life cycle of human health and environmental impacts to empower corporations and governments with the holistic sustainability data necessary to identify optimal energy projects based on cost AND impact. Ideal partners: CTO to lead SaaS development (currently on-premise software with proven results), Sustainability/Energy Consultants, Corporate Sustainability Managers, Execs in CleanTech
Contact: Andrew Demille

Water Conservation Offset Marketplace

Liquid8 is creating a water conservation and trading marketplace that will allow corporate sustainability directors to meet their water-neutral goals with the click of a button. We incentivize home and business owners to save water, turn those savings into Water Conservation Offsets, then offer those offsets up for sale on our marketplace.
Ideal Partners:
  • Software Developer to create MVP
Contact: Marc Cortez, CEO/Founder

VEX Competition Site Management

The group wants to explore starting a non-profit to create and manage a VEX Competition site. This a Initiative from a teacher involved with the Titan Robotics at Nipomo High School to support Robotics and STEM in our local community. Many manufacturers need a more educated workforce in programming and robotic maintenance and this could serve that.
Ideal Partners would be:
Individuals or Businesses that are passionate about STEM in education

Magnetic Gear System

Emerging team looking co-founders to focus on an implementation idea for a patented magnetic gear. Provides multiple axis power generation, breakaway magnetic gearing system avoiding costly catastrophic shaft and mechanical gear repairs. Team has the inventor, issued patent, and a business lead.
Ideal Co-Founders would be:
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer

Auto Dealer Systems

Auto Dealer Systems is an existing early-stage business that helps Auto Dealers organize and optimize lot management and consumer auto-delivery. The system is a website written in PHP for desktop and mobile users. I currently have one dealer using an alpha version that cannot be scaled, and the new version is about 20% coded.
Ideal co-founders would be an:
  • Experienced PHP Programmer
  • Sales Professional with Auto Dealer Experience and Connections