8/14/17 SLO TechBrew – Power Transmission: how power gets from Diablo to you

Join us Monday August 14th for another installment of SLO TechBrew.

This month’s speaker is Tom Tengdin, a TechBrew regular who has spent quite a bit of his career working for PG&E and will share with us some of what he has learned over the years.

Have you ever wondered how the power gets from the generator at Diablo to the outlet in your office? Is it high tech or low tech? Simple or complex? What happens to extra electricity that is generated?

Tom intends to answer these questions and give you as much education as he can fit into a single TechBrew.

Power generation, power transmission, and the infrastructure and manpower that supports it is a major part of our everyday life that supports almost everything we do. We hope to see you there!

Hope to see you there!

Date & Time: 7/10/2017– 5pm – 7:00pm
Location: Grill House, 851 Higuera St. SLO

TechBrew, its like a TEDtalk with Beer!

Help Pay for snacks! Everyone will love you for it.

Attendance is free, but we would LOVE for you to Register as a contributor: techbrew-slo-2017.eventbrite.com for $20 you get a big shout out at the event.


Tech Brew is a premier Softec Event lead by Dan Freer from Edward Jones. This is Free networking of the humankind at its best.