The Softec IMPACT Award

The most Prestigious Softec award honoring lifetime achievements in technology, business, entrepreneurship, or community service.

Selection Process

At the beginning of the year, Softec sends all members an invitation to recommend a person and organization in one or more of the following categories.

  • Innovation
  • Management
  • Public Service
  • Advocacy
  • Community
  • Technology

After member submissions, the Softec Board of Directors debates the merit of each recommendation.

The Board oversees the due diligence of the award recommendation with all the claims validated.

The Board plans an award ceremony to present the Softec IMPACT.

The Softec IMPACT is not awarded every year, nor are there limits on the Board on the number of awards.

The Softec IMPACT has been awarded to:

  • Andrea Seastrand, California Space Authority
  • Eric Schwefler, Caliber Accounting and Softec Founder
  • Mark Wright, Individual Award for Contributions to the Tech Community
  • Tim Williams, Digital West, is now Astound Business Solutions.
  • Randy Flamm, IQMS

Softec Community Service Award

The Softec CSA recognizes excellence in community service to the technology industry within our service region. As a community, we get what we celebrate, and Softec chooses to celebrate excellence in entrepreneurship, technology, and business.

In other words, we’re all about celebrating the brilliant people and innovations that our local wizards make in the ET Community.

Join us as we celebrate the people who keep this industry buzzing with excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurship!

Recipients of the Softec CSA are:

  1. Victoria Hanna, Trust Automation2023. For exceptional service as Softec President during the COVID pandemic. She led Softec through exceptionally difficult times.
  2. Brian Schwartz, Self Publish2023. In recognition of outstanding contributions, encompassing a five-year tenure as Softec’s Brewmaster and the establishment and advocacy of Softec’s Tech Reads program, which actively engages thought-leading authors with the Softec ET Community.
  3. Clint Slaughter, MD, M.P.H. SLO MakerSpace 2024. For the formation of the SLO MakerSpace as an extension of the ET Community. This community asset contributes greatly to new startups that have prototype-building needs and others that have to create physical products.
  4. Tyler SkinnerNext Wave Mentorship Program “ Evoke the leader within.”  2024. For the formation of the Women’s Business Mentoring program. This mentorship program & leadership experience support the evolution of the next generation of female leaders., which helps women develop business leadership skills.
  5. Lenzi EricksonSLO County Coders – 2024. For the foundation and first-year operation of the SLO County Coders networking group. This amazing group helps connect Coders (aka Programmers) to others in our community. Learn more on their website or attend a Meetup.
  6. Joshua FarrisSLO Business Professional Networking Group – 2024. For the foundation and building a professional networking group. This group meets quarterly in SLO and serves business professionals. This is a Softec-like event, much like our Tech Brew, and Softec believes the more, the merrier when it comes to connecting the ET community.
  7. Sandra DickersonCEO Your People Professionals – 6/20/2024. For the past 40 years, Sandra and YPP have been incredible pillars of our community. Since the last century, they’ve been devoted supporters of Softec, playing key roles in launching the CEO Roundtables and contributing in many other meaningful ways. During the challenging times of the COVID pandemic, YPP stepped up as the Community’s HR Manager, ensuring our entire business community stayed informed and navigated the constant changes with clarity and support.