Mission: Create Softec Moments

A Softec moment is when a business professional introduces themselves and gets a response with the magic words of “Tell me more.” This “Softec Moment” is the first step in building a professional relationship. 

Mission Statement

  • Softec creates networking events to engage Makers, Marketers, and Managers and encourage new business connections in our community, regardless of industry.
  • Softec connects people to explore ideas and create business opportunities.
  • Softec Advocates for Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.
  • Softec promotes conversations that evolve member connections into business relationships.
  • Softec serves the ET (Entrepreneur and Technology) Community on the Hwy 101 corridor from Santa Ynez to Paso Robles since 1994.
  • Softec membership is free and open to all.

Softec Events Calendar