Tech Reads

To start the process for a Tech Reads podcast, complete the form below or email with your contact information and proposed dates. Our podcasts are typically recorded on Fridays at Noon PDT with a live studio audience in San Luis Obispo. There are no costs to authors to be guest speakers on a Tech Reads Podcast. 

You must allow at least three weeks for podcast logistics. 

Eligible Titles

The goal of a Tech Reads podcast is to create Softec Moments. A Softec moment is when smart people connect and discuss brilliant ideas. Softec Tech Reads feature titles in technology, business, or entrepreneurship.  

Podcast Logistics  

The timeline for a Tech Reads Podcast is approximately three weeks. We will expect the Author to provide the following:

    1. Pre-Interview with the host
    2. Two proposed dates for the podcast recording
    3. Book cover art
    4. Author bio (under 300 words) and head shot
    5. Book summary (Under 300 words)

Softec will then take the leads on these Tasks/Activities

    1. Set podcast date/time
    2. Podcast Date is Scheduled 
    3. Podcast Promotion Material Created
    4. Postings to Social Media, including Meetup, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit
    5. Buy & read the book 
    6. Email 3 days before with the required registration 
    7. Tech Reads Podcast is Recorded  
    8. Create a video & post it to the website (note: We use Streamyard to record podcasts) 
    9. Write an honest review
    10. A post-podcast email with a summary, video link, and review.  
    11. Post on Tech Reads YouTube Channel
    12. Post on Podcast directories/aggregators
    13. Book donated to San Luis Obispo Library 

Tech Reads Podcast 

The podcast itself is less than one hour with a standard agenda as follows: 

    1. The podcast is called to order 
    2. Softec Updates, Notices, and other administrative items (< 5 minutes)
    3. Author Introduction (< 1 minute)
    4. Author speech (5-7 minutes) 
    5. Host Q&A (15 minutes – typically 3-7 questions) 
    6. Audience Q&A (20 minutes) 
    7. Audience Announcements (< 2 minutes) 
    8. The podcast will conclude within one hour 

Pre-Podcast Interview

In the pre-podcast interview, we decide if your topic is a good fit for our audience, and the author decides if it fits into their strategy. This is normally an informal 15-30 minute Zoom meeting and the author should be prepared with an outline of what they want to present. The majority of the podcast is audience or podcast host questions and answers.

Book Reviews

Softec purchases the book from Amazon under our profile and posts the review under that purchase. The review may be written by others within the Softec organization if they have a specific interest in the topic. Softec makes no guarantee or assurance on the ranking other than we will be fair and honest. 

Social Media, Email, and Podcast 

The author gets a lot more than just the podcast audience. All our podcasts are posted on social media including our LinkedIn profiles with thousands of followers and our email list with over 1,400 members and growing. Our audience is highly focused on our service area, which is the Hwy 101 corridor from Santa Ynez to Paso Robles. Softec members are executives and professionals interested in technology, business, and entrepreneurship. 

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