SIGs (Special Interest Groups)

SIGs are to professionals what classes are to students. SIGs are magnets to attract professionals who share a common interest and seek to advance their skills with a lifelong learning strategy. A SIG is a monthly one-hour casual event for professionals to discuss, debate, and learn about a specific topic from their peers, and thanks to the Softec Sponsors, they are free.

Rate of Change

The rate of change in our world will never be slower than it is today, which is another way of saying that change is fast and getting faster. At the professional level, learning from your peers is a proven learning method that improves innovation, adaptability, and career options.


Professionals spend much of their time in silos within the business they serve, and therein lies the challenge. Silos are not conducive to innovation because it is always the same perspective.  When you belong to a SIG, you get outside your silo for one hour each month and hear fresh ideas and perspectives. Professionals learn more from their peers than from any other source.

Who are they for?

SIGs are an event for all experience levels. Whether you’re an expert refining your skills or a newcomer learning the basics, SIGs offer a unique opportunity to exchange innovative tips and tricks and learn from fellow enthusiasts. Elevate your expertise, discover new techniques, and be inspired by the creativity and knowledge of your peers. SIGs are about connecting, having thoughtful discussions, and creating Softec Moments.

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