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Softec membership connects you to the premier technology business networking group on the central coast and it’s free!

Our events are designed to help you connect to the movers & shakers of the technology industry. Joining us means you will get invitations and event information for:

  • Dinner meetings where  you can break bread with the tech industry.
  • Tech Brews are causal events with mini-Ted Talk type presentations. Enjoy a cold brew and the best networking of the humankind on the central coast. Tech Brew is open to all ages – location is restaurant not a bar.
  • Open Houses give a back stage visit to local technology businesses. Meet & Greet the leaders & shakers of the tech community.
  • Robotics Expo is our premier geek event showcasing local robotics teams and businesses. This event normally draws more the 400+ attendees making it our biggest event of the year!
  • Tech Pitch is a Shark Tank like event that brings the emerging businesses in the tech community together with investors.
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a tradition in tech where you go to learn about different topics.  Learn more about coding, 3d printing, web design, robotics, and maker skills.

Softec’s mission is to create Softec Moments. 

Softec’s goal is to create more Softec Moments. 

Softec moment: A point in time where ideas, people, and resources come together to create opportunity in the technology community.

Our events draw  a wide range of people including political leaders, business owners, people looking for work, recruiters, and potential business partners for your great idea.

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