Your Entrepreneurial Journey Starts with a Tech-Pitch

Every business starts with the initial founder coming up with a pitch to communicate the business value proposition. The pitch is used for many purposes, including finding co-founders and partners, introducing the business to customers, attracting investors, etc.

While our first love is a new tech business, we will listen to any new business pitch and help launch you.

If your dream is to launch the next great business that will change the world – this is where you start. 

A Tech Pitch is either a private Zoom Meeting or Coffee with the Softec President. The goal is to understand what you want to do and help you connect to people that can help you on your path.

We will never ask for nor accept any IP. We do not need to know your secrets to help you find business partners. We have to understand enough to connect you to the right people in the ET Community.

Primary Contact: Bob Dumouchel (805) 801-4020 – Schedule Zoom or In-Person Meeting