Tech Brew

Next Tech Brew – 1/24/2024


Tech Brew is a free business networking event held in San Luis Obispo.

Tech Brew is the premier Softec networking group throughout the Central Coast.

When: 4x/year (the last month of each quarter on the second Monday) from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Where: See our Meetup page.

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About Tech Brew

Tech Brew is a free networking event where people interested in technology can hang out in an informal environment with a small TEDtalk-like presentation from an interesting speaker.

The goal of Tech Brew is to create Softec Moments where smart people connect in our community. There are two key parts to business success:

  1. What you know
  2. Who you know

Softec is where you go when you are working on your who.

The presentation runs for about 20 minutes, but make no mistake, the goal is for smart people to meet other smart people.

Tech Brew has Caloric Contributors that help pay for the free snacks. Here is what you get for a $25 Contribution:

  • You or your business will be recognized/thanked at TechBrew
  • You will be given a place to locate marketing materials and business cards.
  • Attendees will appreciate your provision of the snacks.

Learn More

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We’ve recorded all the virtual meetups (which began in 2020) and you can view them on the Tech Brew YouTube playlist.

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