The Art & Science of Technical Writing

Is Bad Documentation Killing Your Project? Clear and concise documentation will not only save time and money for developers and users but could literally save lives. The more trust we place in technology, the higher the stakes. 

Our next TechBrew guest speaker is a highly accomplished Technical Writer at Alphabet. He was a co-founder of Google’s Cloud documentation team and currently leads the tech docs team at Waymo, Google’s self-driving company.

On December 13th at 5 pm PDT, we welcome Jared Bhatti to TechBrew to share more about the discipline behind great documentation.

He, along with co-authors from organizations like Stripe, the Linux Foundation, LaunchDarkly, and Monzo, share their knowledge and experience behind writing great documentation in their recently published book, Docs for Developers: An Engineer’s Field Guide to Technical Writing.
As usual, attendance is free, but we would LOVE for you to register as a TechBrew sponsor ($25) we’ll give you a shout-out). 

Where? – Click ZOOM LINK (or use Meeting ID: 874 1931 7071 PW: 123456)
Agenda (all times are PDT):
5pm to 5:10pm – Announcements, Shares, Asks, & Quick Pitches
5:10pm to 5:30pm – Presentation
5:30pm to 5:45pm – Q &A
5:45pm to 6pm – Networking / Housekeeping

Brian SchwartzTechBrew ‘BrewMaster’ and Softec Ambassador