Softec is all about events because we believe that this is the right way to provide connections between really smart people in the local community. When a person connects with another in the community creating the opportunity for advancement of technology business formation or growth that is a “Softec Moment” and it is the reason for our existence as an organization.

Our events are designed to create “Networking of the Humankind.”

Softec is about connecting to others in the tech industry and one format for our meetings is the Open House.  The host company typically has something important they would like to communicate to the industry and Softec is all about that process.

If you are interested in hosting an open house contact  any of the Board Members to pitch the idea for the event. If you do not know a board member then you can email your idea to

Softec open houses often draw well over 100 people to the event so the host company has to be able to handle a crowd of that size. These open houses are great for companies that are opening new locations and are looking for exposure for that event.