Julie Workman at our April 2018 Women in Tech Breakfast

We had a great time getting to know Julie Workman at this month’s WIT breakfast.

Julie is a lecturer at Cal Poly in the department of Computer Science, and the co-advisor for the Women Involved in Software and Hardware (WISH) Club.  She is passionate about teaching in general, but especially about recruiting and retaining women in computing!  She has supported growth in the number of women (9% to over 30% in the last decade), due in large part to the tremendous effort of the women of WISH and of the other dedicated faculty in the CSSE and CPE departments that she is so proud to be a part of.
Julie has a masters degree in computer science from Cal Poly and have lived in the San Luis Obispo area since 1992.  Her consulting work includes writing GPS software for Trimble Navigation, writing software for experimental robots with iRobot, and working as an intellectual property consultant.  She co-founded the SLO-OP climbing gym with Paul Hatalsky and Yishai Horowitz.  Her other passions include riding motorcycles and hiking around this beautiful area we live in!

Julie shared her insights on women and the need for mentorship, consulting, as well as her passion for climbing. Catch up on anything you missed, or relive the action by listening to her insight interview below: 

Note: Thanks for your patience with our audio quality. We’re grassroots and meeting in a coffee shop, so some noise slips through—but we feel the information is just to important not to post.

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