Kellie Phillips on Successfully Managing Money as a Woman in Tech

We are excited to have Kellie Phillips as our special guest on this month’s WIT podcast.  

Before we dive in on the topic, here’s a bit about Kellie:
Kellie Phillips is an agent with New York Life Insurance now, but prior to last summer, worked in a number of local tech companies over her 30-year career.  After graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Kent State University in Ohio, and a few stops along the way, Kellie moved to the Central Coast in 1989.  By chance, luck, or some combination, she started her journey in tech with local telecom entrepreneur Jeff Buckingham at Call America in 1990.  Back when AT&T’s monopoly was being broken up, before cell phones, personal computers or even public access to the internet.  It may sound crazy, but Kellie is convinced it was the best time to be a young woman jumping into the telecom industry, when it felt like all you really needed was a brain in your head and the tenacity to figure sh#t out.  Kellie gravitated to the client side of business early, which became her passion.  The change from leadership roles in other companies to joining NYL as an agent still allows her to pursue the work she has always enjoyed the most – bringing life changing value – now she just gets to do it for her own clients.  After years of mentoring women in business settings, she is focuses on helping them plan and protect their futures.  Best job ever, with the exception of raising her 2 kids, Mason & Cate, with the love of her life Randy Myrick.  P.S. arguably her favorite job, & most valuable accomplishment.

Kellie sat down with me to talk about the importance of making a realistic financial plan and finding the right people to help you do it:

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